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About Us

The Great South Bay Oyster Company was formed in October 2012 by the Capone and O’Hara families, natives of Long Island. Having lived on Long Island for generations, both families share a passion for the Great South Bay lifestyle, beautiful scenery and the terrific local catch. 

Strategically located off Sexton Island near the Fire Island Inlet, our farm is in prime location for raising Oysters. Given the strong current and an abundance of key minerals, algae, and phytoplankton the Great South Bay is the perfect environment for oysters. Sexton Farm Oysters are truly the authentic Blue Point Oysters, once considered a premier Oyster, with very high demand in the early 19th century.

The history of Oysters in the Great South Bay is one of rise and fall, and we are fortunate to be one of a select few to be able to participate in the long overdue rise of this most incredible delicacy. Our Sexton Farm is set up to allow our aquaculturists to hand select oysters, providing the finest quality Oyster.

Oysters are a very important contributor to the bay eco system, serving as a natural water filter. Each Oyster can filter up to 50 gallons per day! We are very proud to contribute to the improving quality of the waters in the Great South Bay, which has been incredibly clean and increasingly clear blue the last several years.

Our off bottom farming method allows our Oysters to thrive, and as they grow at a very healthy pace they float on top of the water while their shell turns a really attractive sun bleached blonde, thus their names “Sexton Blondes”!